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Welcome to the Serenity Hot Air Balloons blog! We are a team of experienced balloon pilots and enthusiats who are passionate about sharing the beauty and excitement of hot air ballooning with others. Here, we aim to provide helpful information, tips and stories about the amazing experience of hot air ballooning, as well as to share updates about our company and services.

Hot air ballooning is an incredible adventure that offer a unique and breathtaking view of the world. Whether your are looking for an intimate, romantic experience with a loved one, or an exciting and fun-filled adventure with friends and family, hot air ballooning is the perfect activity for you. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience, from start to finish.

At Serenity Hot Air Balloons, we believe that safety is our top priority. Our pilots are fully licensed and trained in the latest safety procedures and equipment, and our balloons are carefully maintained and inspected to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. We understand that every flight is different, and we work with you to create a personalized experience that meets your needs and expectations.

If you are looking for a way to add some excitement and advernture to your life, hot air ballooning is the perfect choice. Our blog will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your experience, from tips on how to prepare for flight, to interesting stories from our team and other hot air balloon enthusiasts.

So why wait? Book your adventure today, and join us on a journey of discovery and serenity, high above the world.

The first hot air balloon flight 19 September 1783. The first 'aerostatic' flight in history was an experiment carried out by the Montgolfier brothers at Versailles in 1783. At long last, man could leave the surface of the earth below. September 19th, 1783 is a key date in the history of humanity.

How do hot air balloons fly and how do you steer them?

Hot air balloons work because - hot air rises while cold air sinks.

This means the balloons fly because the hot air inside weighs less than the air on the outside - causing it to float.

How do they steer?

Hot air balloons don't have steering wheels, but hot air balloon pilots use the wind direction and speed at different heights in order to steer the balloon. Hot air balloon pilots control their ascent and descent but can't steer the balloon in a different direction without changing altitude

How do they land?

After a suitable landing site has been found, the pilot operates the vent that lets air out of the balloon canopy. This cause the balloon to descend to a safe landing.

Do you need a license to fly a hot air balloon?

To pilot a hot air balloon, you must have a FAA certified pilot's license's just as you would for an airplane, however a hot air balloon is a different category of aircraft with its own specific set of training requirements. Serenity Balloon pilots are highly trained with years of experience and FAA-certified with safety in mind at all times.

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